NATUZZI Life Style

A home furnished in a daring blend of new languages, where tradition stands face-to-face with innovation. The home becomes the choice place of an extended family, where free time can be shared with friends. Rediscover the pleasure of spending time in a truly comfortable ambiance.

A style that grants greater value to technological new features and culture, satisfying chromatic taste with the use of neutral and intense colours such as white, black and taupe, combined with bright lacquer finishes. Light, almost ethereal, sophisticated tones blend with the shine of metallic coloured leathers.

A new world enters the home, sofas and furnishings that focus on the natural for a sober, traditional flavour. Culture, tradition and quality are the result of the synergy between the beautiful and the well-made.

Leather and natural tan finishes, extra-thick leathers, naturally imperfect grains. New suggestions for a sensorial reassessment and a strong desire to connect with nature, also thanks to new grains, flamed wood, and many decorative items.

Dia Behbehani Furniture, carries out
only the finest lines of art, furniture and accessories from around the world...

  • 05th Nov.2016
    UP TO 80% OFF on a variety of Home & Office Furniture, Accessories and Much More... Location: Shuwaikh Industrial Area, Block 2, Street 13, Behbehani Bldg (opposite Al Mulla) For all enquiries: Please call our showroom at 1834222 ext. 408 or 99778094.
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